Hong Kong Localization Movement

Satellite Picture Taken of Hong Kong and the Neighboring Chinese City of Shenzhen

Since 1 July 1997, the day Hong Kong was engulfed by China, puppet HKSAR regime has been brainwashing Hong Kongers continually: instilling the pan-Chinese values into Hong Kongers painstakingly, weakening Hong Kongers' consciousness of local identity, plotting to implement the so-called 'integration of Hong Kong into China', attempting to assimilate Hong Kongers into Chinese, and undermining the local cultural of Hong Kong.

Besides, in the past seven years the Beijing regime repeatedly intervenes in Hong Kong's political and economic affairs. Politically, the Beijing regime blatantly infringes upon Hong Kong people's right to elect the so-called 'Chief Executive' and 'Legislative Council' and shamelessly highlights its dominant role in Hong Kong politics. Economically, the Beijing regime introduces the so-called the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) to Hong Kong with a view to exploiting Hong Kong's economic resources and enhancing its influence on Hong Kong economy. One of the consequences of the CEPA is that more and more Chinese tourists visit Hong Kong under the 'Individual Visit Scheme', increasing China's control over Hong Kong economy, and sending law-breaking Chinese visitors to Hong Kong to contaminate the Hong Kong community and undermine Hong Kong's civil society.

To restore Hong Kongers' consciousness of local identity, we Hong Kongers have to unite to implement the Hong Kong Localization Movement. We are confident of upholding Hong Kongers' consciousness of local identity by taking the following actions:


1. Hong Kong is Hong Kong. China is China. Hong Kong and China are two different countries. Hence, we Hong Kongers should not refer to Chinese government as "Central government", nor should we refer to China as "our nation" or the "Hinterland". We should even avoid using the term "mainland" when referring to China. The Beijing regime always see language usage as a means to downgrade Hong Konger's identity and assimilate Hong Kongers into China.

2. Adamantly refuse to hold a "passport of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China" as well as China's "Homeland Return Permit" or any other certificate that connotes a degraded Hong Kong. In the near future, the Hong Konger Front will issue Hong Kong Passports and Hong Kong ID Cards to any Hong Konger applicants.

The Hong Kong Passport to be issued by the Hong Konger Front

3. We Hong Kongers should not refer to ourselves as Chinese. Instead, we should always keep in mind our honorable nationality -- Hong Konger. As regards ethnicity, given a Chinese surname, a Hong Konger is admittedly ethnic Chinese.

4. Adamantly boycott any festival and stay away from any event intended to downgrade Hong Konger's identity, including the so-called "1 July Return's Day", China's national day, and any other events and activities having a connotation of Chinese sovereignty.

Shameless PLA Hong Kong Garrison Show off their Military Strength

5. Adamantly refuse to vote for any pro-Beijing Hong Kong politicians and those Hong Kong democrats who indulge in pan-Chinese ideology.

Hong Kong people should boycott the pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.


1. Do not sleep with any prostitutes when travelling in China, as Chinese law protects women's rights but bans prostitution.

2. Do not buy any China-made products that infringe on intellectual property, as Chinese law protects intellectual property.

3. Do not buy any contaminated China-made products, for the sake of your health.

Socially and culturallyˇG

1. Through our social interaction and cultural exchange with Chinese people, we can let Chinese people understand that they should respect our volition to build an independent sovereign Hong Kong state.

Law-breaking Chinese Visitors -- Contaminants to Hong Kong Society

2. Refrain from befriending pro-Beijing elements or anti-Hong Kong elements.

3. Oppose the puppet HKSAR regime's brainwash policy, by making good use of the Internet to instil Hong Kongers' consciousness of local identity into the Hong Kongers surrounding you, especially the immigrants in Hong Kong, hoping that very soon they will identify themselves with Hong Kong and get rid of pan-Chinese ideology.

4. Oppose the puppet HKSAR regime's brainwash-style education policy, by helping your children realize the hypocritical nature and fallacious theory of pan-Chinese ideology.

5. At school, the subject Chinese Language and Literature currently taught in Hong Kong dialect should be renamed as Hong Kong Language and Literature, and Putonghua renamed as Chinese, whereas the subject Chinese History should become part of the curriculum of World History, and Hong Kong History should become a prescribed subject in junior high schools.

6. Adamantly refuse to support any Chinese team in any sports event or competition, nor should we Hong Kongers support any Chinese Hong Kong team -- a Hong Kong team's alias intended to downgrade Hong Konger's identity.

The title of "Chinese Hong Kong Team" leaves a stigma on Hong Kongers.

Our [Hongkongers'] being fans of a Chinese team is like raping ourselves.