There are ripples on the surface of a quiet big pond sometimes but no still waters at a rolling sea even for a short while. Likewise, a civilized democratic Britain coexisted with her undemocratic colony Hong Kong before 1997, but an authoritarian barbarian China does not permit an annexed land Hong Kong she engulfed in 1997 to be democratic.

China did not allow herself to have democracy over the past five decades, nor is China presently paving the way for democracy. Today, Hong Kongers' begging China for democracy amounts to an ostrich-like attempt to get out of a shark's mouth unharmed. It's too late.

Fight or die. Give the shark an all-out punch head-on! We Hong Kongers should be no cowards at this turning point of Hong Kong's history.

Caged birds are set free only on the day when they die, or, more luckily, on the day when they escape from the cage. Storming out of the cage, rather than waiting to die in the cage, should be the attitude we inherit from our parents who fled China decades ago by risking their lives to swim at rough sea for an hour.

To have freedom and democracy, Hong Kong has to become an independent sovereign state first.

Accordingly, we Hong Kongers should bravely assert that Hong Kong wants plebiscites to be held to decide on Hong Kong's sovereignty, independence, and constitution as soon as possible.