How to Join Us in Pursuit of Hong Kong Independence

Revolution Is Never Crime. Rebellion Is Always Justified.

A list of the consultants of the Hong Konger Front is found in the corresponding Chinese version web page.

Whoever identify themselves with Hong Kong are welcomed to join us. All enquiries made of us are welcomed too.

"Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom" (Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, 1870Ал1938). When restricted, the right to freedom of expression (including advocating Hong Kong's independence from China and calling on peoples to overthrow dictatorships more) is not really a right. Since its birth in year 2004, the Hong Konger Front advocates pursuing Hong Kong independence lawfully and democratically, for example, by holding an independence referendum, in the same way as Quebec residents in Canada and Scots in Scotland did. The Hong Konger Front believes that "Hong Kong Independence" is a public issue which should be permitted to be openly debated in Hong Kong and analyzed by critical thinking. However, the 2010s sees Hong Kong's freedom of expression and rule of law deterioriating at increasingly quick pace, and the "one country, two systems" myth shattered. When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a duty (quote from Pascal Mercier). Hong Kong people can no longer wait for the day when the Beijing regime will give Hong Kong democracy and dignity. We are now calling on Hong Kong people to wage peaceful revolutions, for example, by civil disobedience, to overthrow the Hong Kong's puppet SAR regime and build our own country. Though disappointed and betrayed by the puppet SAR regime, plenty Hong Kong youths are now sure that independence is the key to Hong Kong's political future and ready to participate in the armed revolutions.

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