China Labels Democrates as Separatists Again

As reported by the Hongkong-based Economics Daily on July 13, in an interview conducted by HONG KONG JOURNAL, an American quarterly, Puppet Chief Executive Donald Tsang said that the Beijing regime is worried that Hong Kongers would pursue independence. Tsang warned that China would not tolerate a Hong Kong independence movement.

The Hong Konger Front's commentator Qi Jianguo said, "Donald Tsang is both a puppet of the autocratic Beijing regime and China's mouthpiece in Hong Kong, and thus his comments reflect China's political policies toward Hong Kong."

Qi Jianguo said, "China labels Hong Kong's democrats as separatists again, because China is angry at Anson Chan's recent cooperation with Hong Kong's democrats in asking China for universal suffrage."

Ansan Chan was the No. 2 person in Hong Kong government before July 1, 1997, the day China annexed Hong Kong, and was the former superior to Donald Tsang. Ansan Chan joined the July 1 rally this year, turning the two former civil servant colleagues into political rivals.