SAR youths may join PLA in future

October 13, 2009

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Hong Kong youths may be able to join China・s People's Liberation Army (PLA) in future, PLA Hong Kong Garrison commander Zhang Shipo said yesterday.

Zhang said apart from handling defense affairs of Hong Kong, the PLA Garrison had also maintained a civilized image. :This encourages Hong Kong youths to be patriotic toward China;, Zhang said shamelessly.

Since China annexed Hong Kong in 1997, the autocratic Beijing regime has been using the PLA Garrison to decoy Hong Kong youths into the irrational trap of China・s national chauvinism and replace Hong Kong people・s Hong Konger identity with Chinese identity. To this end, the PLA Garrison hold military training summer camps that target at Hong Kong youths, send good-looking female soldiers to visit Hong Kong・s university campus, and invite local university students to visit the barracks of the PLA Garrison. In collusion with the Beijing regime, the China-controlled HKSAR puppet regime promotes :patriotic education; in secondary schools in an attempt to instill Chinese identity into students