Start an Independence Referendum

Anthony Ho

Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, had long been envied by its bully neighbor China before it was handed over by its British colonial ruler to communist China in 1997 Reluctantly.

Under the Nanking Treaty, the Qing Dynasty ceded Hong Kong to the United Kingdom in the 1840s. The British turned this "Rock" into a magnificant place to live in. Thank the British. There have been riots, bad times and turmoil between the British, and the Hong Kongers. There has been a sense of balance, and wholeness in order for happiness to strive. Without happiness there will be no sadness, without war, there will be no peace. If there were no British, there would be no Hong Kong.

World War Two: China's KMT led by the warlord Chiang Kai-Shek watched as Hong Kong grew under the watchful eyes of the United Kingdom. However, Hong Kong was under great watch and had became a great economical territory. Chiang wanted Hong Kong back, but knew it was in better hands. When the Japanese were about to strike Hong Kong, the British showed their love for Hong Kong. British troops, Canadian troops, and Indian troops were garrisoned in Hong Kong in preparation to defend Hong Kong from an estimated Japanese raid. They thought right. The Japanese struck on December 8th. The resistance against the Japanese rivaling forces proved to be too much for the Allied forces. Not only British showed their care, but the Canadians, and the Indians showed theirs as well. Hong Kong was loved by many.

On Christmas Day, the British surrendered Hong Kong to the Japanese and the Crown colony came to an end. The Japanese raised their hands and ruled Hong Kong like it was a chair. They sat on it, and did whatever they wanted. Until the war ended with the United States dropping two atomic bombs on Japan.

Hong Kong was rid of the Japanese rule, and assumed control of its own Home. When the British heard of the Japanese's retreat from Hong Kong, and their surrender, London quickly dispatched battalions of troops into Hong Kong to reclaim it. Without Hong Kongers even having a say of who they want to rule it, and Hong Kong became once more a Crown colony under the British. Good or bad? Both (it's what makes it balanced.) Hong Kong was in a disastrous state, the British helped to pick it up once more, and showed their care for Hong Kong. The Chinese leading warlord, Chiang Kai-Shek could have taken Hong Kong and said it was theirs, and after the fall of the ROC, the PRC would have HK controlled already. In 1997, the British gave up sovereignty over Hong Kong in return for a Chinese pledge to grant Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy under China's so-called principle of 'one country, two systems." The connection between the PRC and the HK(SAR) has undermined Hong Kong invisibly, that almost no Hong Kongers seem to notice. More and more, Hong Kong is becoming worse and worse.

Hong Kong depends on China? Wrong, Hong Kong thinks it depends on China, but Hong Kong actually depends on its own. With the cash flow in Hong Kong, and its thriving economics (thanks to the British), the quasi-city-state is a success at upholding (not only China's hunger for cash) but itself as its own Independent State.

Now, as a descendent of the great lineage of Hong Kongers, I say we (or you for now) should start up political self-determination of Hong Kong. You've got till 2049. Start now, and you'll have success sooner. All you need to do, is somehow get the Government of Hong Kong (with the watch of the entire world) to start an

"Independence Referendum"

Which in process, a poll is created for the territory's civilians (Hong Kongers) to vote for either, an Independency from China, or to continue itself as a (slave) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). In my opinion, I think Hong Kong should be independent from China. Hong Kongers need this. The courage to do this is hard, but is very rewarding. You will see your children, and your children's children (and generations of Hong Kongers to come) have a great place to live in, with an amazing culture, with many historical factors regarding its past, and celebrating the day the Independency has happened. Your generations to come, will be amazed at their ancestors' bravery, and courage to stand up against the powerful, yet corrupted CCP-ruled China.

Start an Independence Referendum,
Free Hong Kong,
Have a Brighter Future for your descendents to come,
An Independent Future,
An Independent Hong Kong.

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This is Anthony Ho, thank you for your time, and please contribute to this movement.