Blessed are pastors succumbed to China's united front, for theirs is harmonization. (Matthew 5:10)

Ming Pao Daily     April 18, 2010

Today, Hong Kong's protestant Christians hold a Sunday worship service in the streets to protest against Hong Kong's protestant pastors' succumbing to the Beijing regime and the puppet regime of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Under the banner "Blessed are pastors succumbed to China's united front, for theirs is harmonization. (Matthew 5:10)," organizers of the street-based Sunday worship service told journalists attending a press conference that pro-China Hong Kong-based pastors ignore political problems facing Hong Kong, such as self-censorship and unmet demands for universal suffrage, and do not allow those young Christians who went to rallies held by Hong Kong democrats to be baptized.


According to the Christian organizers' complaints, during his sermon, Reverend Daniel Ng, the principal pastor at the Kong Fok Church of the Evangelical Free Church of China, told his congregation that "no Christians who love the God deep enough go to a democratic rally", "Christians should respect government officials, because government officials are the God's servants", and "sometimes the so-called democratic political system is no different from mob politics".

The Kong Fok Church of the Evangelical Free Church of China is famous for its elite congregation, including Wong Yan Lung, the current Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong SAR puppet regime. Wong is not sympathetic to Hong Kong's democrats.

Mr. Lam, a Christian seminar student and one of the Christian organizers, told journalists that plenty of pastors in Hong Kong nowadays meet to discuss the growth rate of their congregation and the amount of offerings their churches received instead of the sufferings of the underprivileged in Hong Kong.

A journalist of the Ming Pao Daily phoned Hong Kong Anglican Church (Episcopal) to seek the Church's comments in vain.


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Open letter by Union of Christian and Atheist Against Religiously Rich and Powerful

Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 05:48 PM

To all Christian church goers in HKSAR,

We are a group of Hong Kong citizens who are interested in the democratic development, now launching "campaigns against religious corruption of politics " (referred to as "cases against Donald"). The conservative and reactionary view of the recent events concerning the 'radicalization' of democratic movement lead by Pastor Daniel Chung Man Ng of the Evangelical Free Church of China has trouble us to the no end. Yet we still believe an open discussion on the basis behind their views would help them to close the difference between them and the people. So we decided at April 18, we are going to the Evangelical Free Church of Chinaˇ¦s door, in our most sincerely hope to impart the following idea:

In the Christianity's history, church often play a pioneering role in advancing democracy and safeguarding human right, for instance the revolution in Unites States has basis in Bible, the liberalization of slave in United Kingdoms and the Church act as voice of conscience protecting the oppressed in Eastern Europe, working against apartheid in South Africa. So it has crucial role, along with media, scholar and the people to share the role of monitoring the Government. The traditional role of the Christian prophet was giving voice to those who don't, and often function as a moral guardian of the weak and powerless. In today's society it still held a vast influence to the society via social welfare organizations, schools and media. The Christian church should live up to expectations of the public, should take care of disadvantaged, took the side of the oppressed and weak.

First, the Hong Kong Government is not a government elected by universal suffrage free and fair to all citizen, so its action are often beyond the public's control. Year after year of the political failure to resolve the 'Deep and underlying conflict of interest', including but not limited to waste of taxpayer's money, brutal, heinous implementation of policies and its collusion with business interests. Pastor Ng of the Evangelical Free Church of China dwelt: "Those who has their unspeakable political agenda often impose their radical ideology in issues relating to the governance of Hong Kong which adding to the burden of the government, I am doubtful if that state of affair continues in our society, any long-term interests of HKSAR to develop and improve people's livelihood program will hardly move an itch." We are repugnant to hear that this statement aims to drive a wedge between the goal of improving people's livelihood and democratization of HKSAR the same way Christian Right aim to insert their own political propaganda in the Biology class, and attempt to set science against religion. We believe that is a global consensus that governing without accountability would often put the civilian population in dire situation.

Second, the so-called 'functional constituencies' in Legislative Council have the minority's privileges, under the stipulation of the Basic Law, to reject the motion proposed by those who elected by universal election concerning people's livelihood. In the past such an unfair system are doing much harm to the people of HKSAR. Whilst Pastor Ng twisted the facts to its head and said: "Those radical elements often act to challenge authority and test its limits, and they should also bear the political and moral responsibility and act using their conscience, knowing what they did would done no good to social harmony and stability. They do so without regarding the economic livelihood of the people which they claim to serve." Such a claim minimize the responsibility of the privileged-few in politics and social issues, and place the consequence of their misdeed to the majority elected by universal suffrage.

Third, the application of Gospel can not be serving a goal contrary to social justice. Pastor Ng spoke: "Church in Hong Kong is not just about servicing Christian God in HKSAR, there is a more important historical task is to showcase the Christianity to Communist China, and make sure Chinese Christianity added to the rapid progress of Communist China." Here we had to remind Christians do not fall into the trap of pandering to the authority, and the cost of ignore the principle from Bible and the lesson from Church history would be Christian church provide religious justification for the Government's perverse intention. For instance, the church who support the Nazi regime and its cleansing of the Jews.

Fourthly, we also felt obliged to remind Ng's rich and powerful church members who participate in meetings that HKSAR is not necessarily a heaven for the poor, disadvantaged and the sick, and not everyone is living under the same roof is enjoying the same job security and stability. But there are still 1.3 million people live under the poverty line in HKSAR, the Gini coefficient is shamefully being the highest among developed regions. When a society is full of grievances and perceived unfairness, it is understandable that someone would take what seems to be drastic action by the power elite against the vested-interest and complacence bureaucrat to raise the awareness of HKSAR of the clear and present dangers of Hong Kong.

The above humble opinions are hoped to be carefully considered by all Christian and non-Christian Church. We hope all Christian and non-Christian Church would be able to reflect on its role in the democratic movement in HKSAR. We held to the heart with what Pastor Ng has said: "As some political scientists said, the idea of democracy should consider in the form of implementation by large and complex "social engineering".' So, action speak louder than words, people should cherish the right to vote with their conscience in the May 16 election.

Concern Group for Hong Kong Religious Hegemony
Alva Chun, Virgina Yue, David C.Y. Wong



Press Invitation

Monday, April 12, 2010, 11:05 PM

Organiser: ˇ§Concern Group for Hong Kong Religious Hegemonyˇ¨ and ˇ§Alliance for returning to Christˇ¦s valuesˇ¨
Action against religion pandering to the people in power
Date: 17 April 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Rm 602, Silocon Tower, 88 Larch Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon
Action: Press conference

The ˇ§Action against religion pandering to the people in powerˇ¨ (The action group)will read out our statement in response to the recent remarks made by Rev. Daniel Ng of the Chinese Evangelical Free Church Kong Fok Church regarding democracy, the attitudes to the rulers and justice.

The action group comprises of Christians and Non-Christians who have great objections to the remarks of Rev. Ng.

We will also provide details on the action on 18 April 2010 (Sunday), which included gatherings near Kong Fok Church.

A press release will be issued.

Concern Group for Hong Kong Religious Hegemony:

Alliance for returning to Christˇ¦s values:

Inquiry: Virginia Yue Spokesperson for ˇ§Concern Group for Hong Kong Religious Hegemonyˇ¨)