The Yellow-skinned Dogs' Dodgy Scheme

By Chip Tsao    May 2, 2013

M and some of James Bond・s colleagues could be masterminding the :Occupy Central; campaign and other anti-SAR government demonstrations, according to a veteran pro-Beijing politician in Hong Kong.

Ng Hong-mun, a former headmaster of the pro-China Pui Kiu Middle School and an NPC member for 32 years who stepped down in 2007, has named former chief secretary Anson Chan and the Liberal Party・s senior leaders James Tien and Selina Chow as those working for Her Majesty・s Secret Service, planted by the former British colonial administration to undermine CY Leung・s and Beijing・s rule over Hong Kong. Also on the listXnot named, but strongly hintedXare former chief executive Donald Tsang and his associates.

How Ng got a hold of the list remains a mystery. The allegations, made in a series of articles and interviews published in the intellectual Ming Pao, amused the community. It is speculated that Ng・s angry indictment could reflect Beijing・s latest suspicions, as Ng had recently been the VIP guest at the home of former premier Wen Jiabao. After a private tea meeting, a picture with Wen standing in the middle flanked by a proud Ng was distributed to newspaper publications to demonstrate the strength of his Guanxi.

Ng Hong-mun met former premier Wen Jiabao
(From left) Premier Wen Jiabao's wife Zhang Peili, Wen, former National People's Congress deputy Ng Hong-mun and his wife.

Ng・s accusations are believed to echo the bitterness of the local communist community back in May 1967. They organized the anti-British riots of that period, but were never rewarded for their patriotism by Beijing. They risked their lives taking to the streets with the Little Red Book, planting bombs and killing a handful of :yellow-skinned dogs;Xa racist term fashionable at the time reserved for all colonial civil servants, including policemen. But after the Cultural Revolution, they saw some of those same :yellow-skinned dogs; rewarded with housing benefits and decorations. Their former enemies enjoy a lifelong pension scheme designed by the British colonial government, with retirement flats in London and seasonal Mediterranean Costa Cruise trips. It should have been :our turn; after the turf changed hands in 1997. We all remember, with Ng, how General Lon Nol・s government officials were executed by the Khmer Rouge in 1975. So too was the fate of the former Iranian Shah・s military generals after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Ng・s assault reminded us that it is Beijing・s leniency to the enemies withinXvia :through-train; recruitments and People・s Hall banquet receptionsXthat got us in this mess. Until Beijing changes its mind, Ng will be breathing fire.