Kong-pigs' Obsession with Moral High-ground道德病態的港豬

Passion Times, Louis Fung, March 11, 2015

熱血時報 2015年3月11日

What is the mental habit of typical Kong-pigs (a term used by Hongkongers to describe politically ignorant Hongkongers)? Offer compassion and care to things that do not concern them and their fellow Hongkongers; avoid and ignore burning issues that affect them the most. 港豬普遍習性就是這樣:喜歡對事不關己之事施予同情、關心,對切身處地之情況加以逃避,不聞不問。

Kong-pigs voice their opinions on polar bears losing their home due to global warming, the barbaric shark fin industry, starving children in the third world, and actively take part in campaigns like Earth Hour and FINished, and donate money to international charities. They have such big heart like saints to care about everything in this world, but view all the burning issues happening in Hong Kong which will impact themselves and their future generations as something insignificant. 港豬熱衷關心北極熊面對家園融化的無助、鯊魚被割去背鰭製成魚翅的血腥、第三世界或貧苦地區飢餓的小童,樂於參與「地球一小時」、「一翅都唔食」等活動,喜以對宣明會樂思會等捐款,對天下萬物彷彿都有大愛之心。但是面對更切實自己的事,香港人卻喜以大事化小。

When their employers refuse to pay their salary (referring to ATV’s case), instead of jumping ship and find a better job, Kong-pigs would choose to “weather the storm with their employers” – the complete opposite of any sense. However, Kong-pigs always turn a blind eye to school places being stolen, language being sinified, social resources being exploited, and HKSAR Government’s policies being formulated based on (Mainland) Chinese people’s needs. 面對無良僱主持續拖欠薪金,港豬不去另謀高就,跳船離開,而是反智地選擇「有汗出無糧出」的共渡時艱;面對學位被掠奪、文辭被赤化、資源被佔用,政策完全以中國人為本位,港豬對此卻選擇性失明。

Kong-pigs’ children study hard for years only hoping to move up the food-chain by earning a degree, but even if their children get good results at public exams, school places that they deserve are allocated to Chinese “talents”. The terminology Hongkongers have been using for years has been quietly replaced by the media in Hong Kong with the Party’s (CCP)’s terminology. 港豬的孩子連年苦讀,為的就是一個社會入場劵的大學學位,即使考獲良好成績,其本應擁有的學位卻被中國「專材」鵲巢鳩占;一直以來使用的文辭,如「狐狸精」、「大陸」等,被各方傳媒自行改用「小三」、「內地」而不自知。

On the surface Apple Daily always drums on about democracy and anti-communism, but deep down the direction of this newspaper is based on the Greater China Unification ideology, the paper’s loving-China stance is demonstrated clearly by the fact that it proactively supports China’s cultural genocide in Hong Kong by following CCP’s terminology. Anti-discrimination laws, multiple-entry visa, smugglers, CCP-backed Blue Ribbons, uniformed units suppressing protesters: all these people have been servicing the Chinese and suppressing Hongkongers. 平日大叫支持民主,表面反共而內裡充斥大中華情花毒的《蘋果日報》,使用赤化文辭更為不遺餘力。反歧視條例、一簽多行、走私賊、土共藍絲帶、疑似紀律部隊,一直為中國人服務而賤視香港人。

Although Kong-pigs have been walked all over by Chinese, just like a rape victim being repeatedly violated by the rapist, they still believe they are the ones with unfair advantages and lecture others that they have to “embrace and tolerate” all these brutal violations. 港豬已經被強姦犯問答無用姦了無數次,卻以為自己還是身處有利一方,有資格說包容二字。

Kong-pigs’ moral standard is extremely high, they have cheap and twisted compassion for everything. Pinned a yellow ribbon on their t-shirts, sang Beyond’s 海闊天空 (literally means “boundless as the sea and sky”) at marches, and held up umbrellas. 港豬的道德水平高尚,對任何事彷彿都能有廉價、扭曲的同情心。掛黃絲帶,唱出海闊天空、一起舉傘。

All Kong-pigs focus on, however, are following the “peaceful, rational, non-violent, non-verbally-violent” principle regardless of the ruler’s action. They get heartbroken for a broken glass panel. They get hysterical when student leaders shed a tear or two on stage. 港豬著眼於和平理性非暴力非粗口,痛心於玻璃門的碎裂,關心於疑似小演員在街頭的痛哭。

However, Kong-pigs are always blind when government minions threaten to introduce Article 23 again, when daily lives of Hongkongers are disrupted and altered by cross-broader smugglers, when rents and prices of all sorts of necessities surge everyday thanks to Hong Kong’s limited space. 港豬卻對洶湧而來的廿三條、真正影響生活的走私賊、行李篋碌過腳趾的痛,租金衣食住行有加無減,不再香港的香港視若無睹。

Kong-pigs, when challenged by others with these unbearable facts, would prefer to sit in their 400 sq. ft. unit and continue to shut out the realities of their world. They may complain about the quality of television programmes, but they will still switch on their telly every day to watch brainwashing and brain-numbing shows. 港豬寧願選擇瑟縮於實用面積不足四百呎的陋室當一井底之蛙,口裡說不身體很誠實的接受電視的荼毒,歌頌在關鍵時刻當上逃兵的投機取巧。

Kong-pigs hold up a copy of Apple Daily and praise and worship the pan-democrats who are at best opportunists that betray Hongkongers’ interests on important issues, but condemn the non-celebrity protesters for taking actions as their “aggressiveness and violence” could cost the PR war. 港豬手執毒果報支持那些深耕細作的賣港泛民,然後對真正行動者作出道貌岸然的抨擊,認為激進的行動會扣了二百分。

Kong-pigs spare no effort in crucifying insignificant but tangible violence (by protesters), yet fear to speak up when systematic intangible violence (by the HKSAR and China governments) takes place. Kong-pigs are not moral crusaders, they are suffering from obsession, the obsession of unattainable moral high ground. 港豬對可見的暴力大肆口誅筆伐,對不可見的暴力卻是噤若寒蟬。他們已經超越道德潔癖,而成道德病態。

To be the ultimate victor, Hongkongers have to give up their obsession over the moral high ground. Hongkongers must be prepared to fight for their own survival without paying attention to the morality of the means that can help achieve victory. 香港要成為最後的勝利者,必須拋去喜以站在道德高地的天性,為了爭取自己的生存空間而戰,而無須執著於手段的道德與否。

Hongkongers must understand the need for necessary means to change the Hong Kong that we no longer recognise. We must forgo the obsession of moral high ground and stop relying on political representatives, or else Hongkongers will be marked in history books as the example of failing to defend their land for the sake of defending righteousness, just like Duke Xiang of Song. Even if you do not agree with the actions the frontline protesters take, please do not stab them in the back. 香港人必須運用「必要之惡」(necessary evil) 的手段改變現在不再熟悉的香港,擺脫道德病態及政治代理人的囚籠,否則香港人都會成為廿一世紀的宋襄公,被世人作為最現實的反面教材。對於行動者,即使你不認同他們的行動,亦請勿對他們刀刺在背。

Unlike pan-democrats, they are not seeking limelight or publicity; unlike what some artists claims, these frontline protesters do not have the ability to penetrate tanks with “peacefulness and rationality”.他們不是泛民主派的沒有鏡頭哪會蒲頭,也不是和平理性能穿越坦克的行為藝術家。

Action-takers are the lonely ones, as the Kong-pigs who should be supporting them (they are wearing yellow ribbons, after all!) are always standing on the opposite side and condemning them for taking action. 行動者其實一直都是孤立的一群,因為本應支持他們的港豬,往往站立在對立的一方助紂為虐。

Hong Kong will only go back to being our promised land if we criticise the morality of protesters and action-takers less, but offer more support to those on the frontline. 少一點在道德的批評,多一點對行動者的支持,香港才能成為真正的淨土。