Hong Konger Front's Reply to Hong Kong People's Radio

December 5, 2004

To: Hong Kong People's Radio

Dear Amuro Lee,

On deliberation, we, the Hong Konger Front, are writing you to tell you that we consider the commentators talking in the Hong Kong People's Radio program broadcast on last Tuesday evening rather rude to the Hong Konger Front, as in the program they tried their level best to defame and humiliate the Front.

The Hong Konger Front strongly protests against the verbal violence the commentators committed against the Front, as substantiated in the Front's refusal to send any delegate to appear in the aforesaid radio show.

The Hong Konger Front herein reiterates that the Front never advocates discriminating against Chinese nationals, nor does the Front suggest a future Hong Kong republic possess nuclear weapons, and that none of the members of the Front is Taiwanese; instead, all the current Hong Konger Front members are Hong Kongers.

The message is posted on various political BBSs, newsgroups and the Hong Konger Front website to ensure a correct understanding of the Hong Konger Front's profile and stand. Besides, we, the Hong Konger Front, hope that the Hong Kong People's Radio will defame the Front or the independence movement of Hong Kong no more.