Hong Konger Front advocates building the Republic of Hong Kong.

more China's draconian national security law neither scares nor silences us.




Draconian national security law neither scares nor silences Hongkongers. Wage Revolutions to Overthrow Autocratic Regime: we call on Hongkongers, Tibetans, and Uyghurs to wage peaceful revolutions to overthrow the autocratic regime and build our own nations.
30-07-2021 9 years jail in first national security case more
05-05-2021 If a Scots nation is there, why not a Hongkong nation. more
02-02-2021 Returning Valiant's press conference more
06-01-2021 Dozens of Hong Kong democracy activists arrested for allegedly breaching national security law more more
12-12-2020 Jimmy Lai versus Baggio Leung more
19-11-2020 Police Called in After CUHK Students Stage Graduation Day Protest more
28-10-2020 Student activist leader Tony Chung arrested outside US consulate more
18-09-2020 Hong Kong’s Special Status: The Changing Meaning of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ more
30-07-2020 Arrest of Hong Kong independence activists prove the national security laws are repressive and draconian more
27-05-2020 China's draconian national security law neither scares nor silences Hongkongers. more
22-05-2020 Beijing is trying to push the Hong Kong National Security Legislation more more more more more more more more
24-04-2020 Article 22 controversy more
06-01-2020 'Strongman' or 'wrong man' for Hong Kong? more more
21-12-2019 Dr. Lam Siu Por, Ronald, known as Carrie Lam's husband, was standing with his hands closed while everyone were clapping & singing for CCP, in front of Xi Jinping more more more
03-07-2019 On July 1 incident and nonviolence revolution more
28-06-2019 Only 11%, a record low, of Hongkongers said they are Chinese more
08-06-2019 Hong Kong protest controversial extradition law more
28-03-2019 What China Will Be Like As A Great Power more
08-03-2019 The Coming War On China more
04-03-2019 Anger at punishment for students' pro-independence posts more
10-01-2019 Is Hong Kong independence worth dying for? more
22-11-2018 Why is China so nervous about democracy in Taiwan? more
24-09-2018 Hong Kong bans pro-independence party in unprecedented move more
14-08-2018 Andy Chan of the Hong Kong National Party delivered speech at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Hong Kong more
25-07-2018 China is erasing its border with Hong Kong more
13-06-2018 Why Are Hong Kong's Localists on Their Own? more
01-03-2018 How the West got China wrong more
23-02-2018 "Hong Kong's hero, Edward Leung" graffiti appears on second day of pro-independence activist's trial more
09-02-2018 Officials in Hong Kong find new ways to stop separatists getting elected more
06-02-2018 Hong Kong's top court strikes down Joshua Wong prison sentence more
05-02-2018 Hong Kong's Courts Have Defended Its Freedoms. Is Beijing Changing That? more
02-01-2018 Is Hong Kong Really Part of China? more
26-11-2017 China's Trojan Train Into Hong Kong more
10-09-2017 Arming Ourselves in Our Darkest Hour - Declaration of Students' Unions of Higher Institutions on the Controversy Surrounding Democracy Wall more
01-07-2017 20th anniversary of Chinese annexation of Hong Kong
12-05-2017 BEIJING'S DILEMMA: What To Do About Hong Kong? more
22-02-2017 How Beijing loyalists are eroding the rule of law in Hong Kong more
27-11-2016 Chris Patten is wrong to think Hongkongers will get full democracy if they just follow Beijing's script more
13-09-2016 Hongkongers v. Kurds more
10-09-2016 Hong Kong separatism got entrenched in her Legislative Council more
05-08-2016 Thousands attend Hong Kong's first pro-independence rally more
24-06-2016 Democracy and self-determination: A lesson from Wukan more
19-06-2016 'Doable' for Hong Kong to seek independence: Bookseller Lam Wing-kee more
06-06-2016 Goodbye, 4 June mourning? The growth of Hong Kong nationalism more
31-03-2016 How serious is Hong Kong's independence problem? more
26-02-2016 Hong Kong Independence Goes From Fringe Cause to Contender more
14-02-2016 HSBC will keep its headquarters in London more
09-02-2016 Salute to Hongkong Heroes more
16-01-2016 Disappearance of Lee Bo Lead to Disappearance of Hong Kong more
07-11-2015 Taiwanese people protest against Taiwan's president's meeting with China's president more
02-10-2015 A Felled Tree more
02-10-2015 A Hiding Bird more
02-10-2015 Abandoned Dogs‏ more
18-08-2015 Six challenges to Hong Kong judicial independence more
01-07-2015 Sorry People's Republic of China more
23-05-2015 Billy Chiu: the first Hong Kong separatist put in jail more
04-04-2015 Hong Kong Independent Party registered in the UK more
02-04-2015 One small step for U.S. fighter jets to land in Taiwan, one giant leap for building Republic of Taiwan and Republic of Hong Kong. more
23-03-2015 Founding of Republic of Hong Kong vs. Founding of Republic of Singapore more
11-03-2015 Kong-pigs' Obsession with Moral High-ground  more
09-03-2015 Onsite Verbal Abuse against Chinese Parallel Traders vs. Boxer Uprising more
06-03-2015 Uighur uprising at Guangzhou railway station more
27-02-2015 Poll: More Hong Kong students favour independence more
23-02-2015 One small step for building up Taiwan's defense, one giant leap for building Republic of Taiwan. more
19-02-2015 C. Y. Leung urge Hong Kong people to be as obedient as sheep more
05-02-2015 Hong Kong Wage Armed Revolution to Gain Independence From China more
31-01-2015 Hong Kong University student magazine Undergrad talks of revolution, weeks after chief executive's criticism more
19-01-2015 The founding of Hong Kong Army Cadets Association is worrying the Hong Kong community more
29-12-2014 Why Hongkongers find it difficult to trust Beijing more
22-12-2014 I Don't Love China, So What?  more
09-11-2014 Catalonia holds symbolic independence referendum today
04-10-2014 Occupy Central photo collections more
23-09-2014 China Condemned For Uighur Scholar's Life Sentence more
31-08-2014 China rules out full democracy for Hong Kong more
28-07-2014 Dozens Killed and Injured In Terror Attack In China's Xinjiang more
23-07-2014 PLA Hong Kong Garrison built radar and military facilities illegally more
11-06-2014 China's warning to Hong Kong more
02-06-2014 Chinese government nowadays is a state machine of terror more
28-05-2014 Beijing regime arrest 200 Uyghur people to take revenge on recent Uyghur's Uprising more
23-05-2014 Uyghur is loser, so is Beijing more
01-05-2014 Uyghur's Uprising in Xinjiang After Xi's Visit more
16-04-2014 Hong Kong Independence: Notion that Enlightens Hong Kong's Democratic Movement more
06-04-2014 Hong Kong Independence: Rooted in Cultural China, Rise from Political Awakening more
20-03-2014 Oxford Dictionary take in two new words "Hong Kongese" and "Hongkonger" amid escalating Hong Kong national identity
01-03-2014 Uyghur's uprising in Kunming, Yunnan leaves 33 dead, 130 wounded more
07-12-2013 Xi Jinping experienced two assasination attempts by Zhou Yongkang more
22-09-2013 Chin Peng's Letter of Farewell more
21-09-2013 Daggers drawn more
19-09-2013 The Cash and Carrie Dialogue more
24-08-2013 Bo Xilai on Trial more  more  more  more  more
17-08-2013 HKSAR puppet regime hire triad members to attack dissidents more
02-07-2013 July 1 Protest more
28-06-2013 Unrest in China's Xinjiang kills 35 more
31-05-2013 Disputed June 4 vigil slogan dropped more
25-05-2013 Democracy on the shelf more
15-05-2013 Okinawa doesn't belong to Japan, says hawkish PLA general more
04-05-2013 Xi Jinping and the Chinese dream more
02-05-2013 The Yellow-skinned Dogs' Dodgy Scheme more
24-04-2013 Unrest in China's Xinjiang kills 21 people more
24-04-2013 China Plans Next Generation of Carriers as Sea Disputes Broaden more
28-03-2013 Democratic hopes dashed for Hong Kong 2017 election more
25-02-2013 Law professor proposes civil disobedience more
25-01-2013 My friends, time for us to say no? more
10-01-2013 The SAR Passport Row more
03-01-2013 Paid Protestors more
02-01-2013 Salute to Hong Kong Hero more
15-12-2012 Hong Kong lawyers warn against Chinese role in courts more
14-12-2012 Protests should be restricted in Hong Kong, says Jackie Chan more
01-12-2012 China may demand more of a say in Hong Kong's daily affairs more
22-11-2012 Hong Kong: Former British colony fears China 'remake' more
18-11-2012 China's Anti-Reformers Take Over more
12-11-2012 A third of Hong Kong youths reject Chinese nationality more
08-11-2012 My Firm No to Hong Kong Independence more
01-11-2012 Skyfall more
25-10-2012 PLA garrison's military exercise targeted at Hong Kong separatists more
27-09-2012 The Crime of Not Being Fully Chinese more
20-09-2012 Former duputy director of HK and Macao Affairs Office Criticises British HK Flag in Protests more
08-09-2012 Anti-national education in Hong Kong more  more  more  more  more  more
25-08-2012 Nationalism in Hong Kong more
16-06-2012 Anti-protester Chinese military contingent enter Hong Kong more
07-06-2012 Chinese dissident Li Wangyang murdered by Beijing regime more
15-05-2012 Bo Xilai's Boss Zhou Yongkang seemed to have been defeated by Wu and Wen more  more
27-04-2012 China's Bo Xilai: A timeline of his stunning fall more  more 
25-02-2012 Hong Kong Was Better Under the British more
07-02-2012 HKU Report Fails to Dispel Public Concern more
22-01-2012 Hong Kong's Dolce & Gabbana uprising more
20-01-2012 China's Professor says many Hongkongers are bastards and dogs and are not humans more  more  more  more  more
11-01-2012 Hong Kong Struggle Sessions more
01-01-2012 Gordon Chang predicts again the Beijing regime will collapse in 2012 more
16-12-2011 Besieged Chinese Village Mourns Its Dead Hero more more more more more more more more more more more more more more
14-12-2011 The Corruption of Hong Kong's Democracy more
09-12-2011 China Meddling in HK Politics more
24-11-2011 Only 13% of Hong Kong youths see themselves as Chinese more
05-11-2011 9th anniversary of the kidnapping and sentencing to life imprisonment of Chinese democratic activist Dr. Wang Bingzhang on the false charge of terrorism by Beijing regime more more  more more more
26-10-2011 China draft bill defines terrorism amid 'real threat' more
19-10-2011 Ninth Tibetan, a Nun, Immolates Herself in Anti-China Protest more
14-10-2011 Angry exchange sparks mass walkout in Legco more
20-09-2011 Chinese jailed for burning flag more
08-09-2011 Taking a WikiLeak more
06-09-2011 Protests Continue over Police Suppression During Li Keqiang Visit more
07-08-2011 Our Chinese master and former British master fret over ethnic conflicts more  more
11-07-2011 China's "eye-in-the-sky" nears par with US more
01-07-2011 Massive Hong Kong protest spoils Beijing's birthday party more
29-06-2011 H.K. Protests Loom as Tsang Support Sinks more
25-06-2011 Hong Kong Moves to Curb Births by Chinese Mothers more
19-06-2011 Families from Hong Kong PLA Garrison stage a protest at headquarters more
17-06-2011 Vietnamese protest China more  more more  more
03-06-2011 Article 23 Resurfaces more
26-05-2011 My National Education in Mid-Air more
07-05-2011 Vietnam quashes uprising of ethnic Hmong calling for independence more
23-04-2011 Who's afraid of Weiwei more
25-03-2011 China activist jailed for 10 years amid crackdown more
21-02-2011 U.S. to boost naval forces as China develops carrier: admiral more
13-02-2011 Beijing looks warily at Egypt uprising more
08-02-2011 Plan to Better Integrate Southern China Inches Ahead more
08-02-2011 Hong Kong Public Broadcaster RTHK Criticized for Self-Censorship more
08-02-2011 Ma Loves Him and Works for Him more
03-02-2011 Hong Kongers arrested overseas can be sent to China to stand trial more
31-01-2011 Chinese philanthropist suggests cross-strait rail link more
26-01-2011 Hong Kong Denies Entry to 2 Tiananmen Protesters more
25-01-2011 It's dog eat dog more
17-01-2011 Tang's calculated hardened stance more
22-12-2010 Poll shows that fewer Hong Kong people are now identifying as Chinese more
02-12-2010 Taiwan's former president crucified for advocating Taiwan's independence more
11-11-2010 Historian's look at China's great famine is groundbreaking more
04-11-2010 PLA intrude into HKU campus more
15-09-2010 US and Japan to hold exercise to recapture disputed isles more
06-08-2010 Pro-China Taiwanese Buddhist Master Hsing Yun Tricks Again more
05-08-2010 FUCK HIS MOM! HIT THE HARD! more
04-08-2010 Mao's grandson, promoted to major general, faces ridicule more
22-07-2010 Cantonese, Please more
26-06-2010 Some see sell-out as Hong Kong passes electoral reforms more
09-06-2010 Hong Kong Opposition to Block Beijing-Backed Reform Package more
04-06-2010 Tiananmen crackdown remembered more
26-05-2010 A spate of worker suicide in China alerts Americans more
16-05-2010 Donald Tsang and his cabinet refuse to vote in the by-election more
12-05-2010 Hong Kong by-election has territory on edge more
02-05-2010 Should Hong Kong be worried about 'Red Shirts'? more
23-04-2010 China's navy cruises into Pacific ascendancy more
18-04-2010 Blessed are pastors succumbed to China's united front, for theirs is harmonization. (Matthew 5:10) more
26-03-2010 Hong Kong church official praises Google on 'information freedom' more
19-02-2010 As U.S.-China Tensions Rise, Military Ties Suffer more
20-01-2010 China dismisses legality of any democracy plebiscite more
14-01-2010 A Hong Kong Judge's Warning more
14-01-2010 Fate of Democracy in Hong Kong more
13-01-2010 Google Applauded for Stance on China Internet Censorship more
07-01-2010 How likely is the Republic of Hong Kong to emerge? more
02-01-2010 Tens of Thousands March for Democracy on New Year Day more
29-12-2009 Chinese police "cross Hong Kong border to arrest activists" more
20-12-2009 Cambodia sends 20 Uighur asylum seekers back to China more
04-11-2009 Start an Independence Referendum more
20-10-2009 12 Years After Annexation by China: Hong Kong's English Worsens more
14-10-2009 SAR youths may join PLA in future more
25-09-2009 Taiwan stops Uighur activist trip more
09-07-2009 How China Wins and Loses East Turkistan more
07-07-2009 Deadly Clashes in East Turkistan more
26-06-2009 China arrests leading dissident for subversion more
03-06-2009 Hong Kong still has 1989 on its mind more
29-05-2009 Amnesty's human rights report disapproves Macau's security law more
12-03-2009 Important lessons from Hong Kong more
03-03-2009 Macau state security law a 'bad example' for HK more
20-01-2009 Another Democracy Dodge in Hong Kong more
25-10-2008 PLA Hong Kong Garrison turn to HKUST more
15-08-2008 China Olympic Media Doctoring - Girl Lip Sync  more  more  more  more  more
10-07-2008 Donald Tsang: China's disposable slave  more
30-05-2008 The State is great, the people are miserable  more
28-04-2008 Self-censorship in Hong Kong Legal Profession  more
18-02-2008 Kosovo declares independence from Serbia  more
30-12-2007 Hong Kong may have elected leader by 2017  more
15-10-2007 Donald Tsang apologizes for remark on democracy  more
01-09-2007 Zhang-Liu swop for training talent or trapping tiger?  more
30-06-2007 On 10th anniversary of usurpation of Hong Kong by China  more
24-03-2007 Puppet Chief Executive to be Picked by Beijing Regime  more
08-03-2007 First person from an ethnic minority elected to a UK Assembly. more
06-03-2007 2006 US human rights report: right to election in Hong Kong is limited by the Basic Law. more
26-02-2007 Hong Kong men hunt wives in China. more
21-12-2006 Survey shows identity as a Hong Kong citizen remains strong among Hong Kong people. more
30-11-2006 Survey: 25% of Hongkongers want an independent Hong Kong more
17-11-2006 Margaret Chan: a Mass of Chicken more
18-08-2006 Hong Kong Journalist Ching Cheong jailed by China more
19-07-2006 China Labels Hong Kong's Democrates as Separatists Again more
07-05-2006 The International Tibet Independence Movement is coordinating a "March for Tibet's Independence" from Charlottesville to Washington, D. C., beginning on June 2nd and ending on June 11th. Hong Konger Front is one of the cosponsors of the "March for Tibet's Independence" 2006.
03-03-2006 Taiwan abolishes Unification Bureau and Platform. Taiwanese dare to say no to China. How about Hong Kongers? more
01-02-2006 Hong Konger Front starts to publish the Nine Commentaries on Puppet Donald Tsang. The series consists of 9 commentaries. more
16-01-2006 How old is Hong Kong? more
15-01-2006 Hong Kong students strongly identify with Hong Kong. more
07-01-2006 Hong Konger Front got affiliated with The Cosmopolite.
22-12-2005 Democratic legislators veto HKSAR puppet regime's proposed electoral reform more
04-12-2005 Thousands march for HK democracy more
20-10-2005 Chief Justice Leung Replaced by Wong more
19-10-2005 HKSAR Puppet Regime's Proposals Give No Timetable for Universal Suffrage more
01-10-2005 Chinese Occupying Troops' Hideout Fixed more
27-09-2005 Ice-breaking Trip: Heart-losing Trip? more
15-09-2005 Badly-behaved Chinese tourists annoy Disney. more
13-09-2005 Beijing regime organizes ice-breaking trip to soften Hong Kong Democrats. more
25-08-2005 Beijing regime boasts of Sino-Japan War "victory" to boost nationalism and block separatist thoughts. more
01-07-2005 Newly elected chief executive is illegitimate, as he is not elected by Hong Kong people, but appointed by Beijing.
28-06-2005 International Tibet Independence Movement (ITIM), a pro-independence Tibetan group, will hold their annual march from July 30 to August 13 (title: March for Tibet Independence, route: from Boston to New York City); Hong Konger Front is a co-sponsor of the March.
07-04-2005 Puppet HKSAR asks China to interpret the chief executive election law, undermining the rule of law in Hong Kong.
01-04-2005 Chinese Communist Membership Withdrawal more
07-02-2005 Mouthpiece of Beijing regime defamed Hong Konger Front, which is widely reported. more
01-02-2005 Hong Konger Press, a news agency supporting the notion of Hong Kong independence, was set up to interpret news from a Hong Konger perspective. more
15-12-2004 Declarationer, more a pro-independence website that drew up the draft Declaration of Independence of Hong Kong, joined us. Its discussion forum more
06-12-2004 Radio of Hong Kong People, an online radio that belongs to some Hong Kong democrats, defamed us. We wrote the Radio a protest letter. more
02-12-2004 Our FAQ section was designed to explain our philosophy on Hong Konger identity and statehood of Hong Kong. more
28-11-2004 We create our new BBS, the Hyde Park for discussions on Hong Kong independence. more
23-11-2004 Survey shows that 30% of Hong Kongers support the notion of Hong Kong independence. more
15-11-2004 Ming Pao Daily reported on Hong Konger Front, and the coverage was followed by pro-China politicians' defamation against us. more
01-11-2004 Birth of Hong Konger Front

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